European-study on Quantifying Utility of Investment in Protection from Tobacco [EQUIPT]

    Ph.D researcher: Kei Long Cheung

    Supervisor: Hein de Vries, Mickaël Hiligsmann, and Silvia Evers

    Co-researchers: EQUIPT team

    Funding: European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme Grant No. 602270

    Objective: EQUIPT is a Brunel University-led project to develop a decision-support tool comparing the cost of anti-smoking interventions with savings to the local economy and the wider health sector. The project aims to study transferability of economic evidence by co-creating the Tobacco Return On Investment (ROI) Tool previously developed in the UK, for four sample countries (Germany, Hungary, Spain and the Netherlands) and provide policy-makers and stakeholders with customised information about the economic and wider returns that investment in evidence-based tobacco control including smoking cessation agendas can generate.

    Method: Within EQUIPT, the Dutch team (Kei Long, Hein, Mickael, and Silvia) led the stakeholder interviews and usability evaluation to investigate relevant beliefs to address and explore how to enhance its usability; with the aim to enhance usage of the EQUIPT ROI tool by stakeholders.

    Results: Psychological factors are important to consider to understand the underlying mechanism of facilitators and barriers of HTA usage. We identified the relevant beliefs to address to enhance usage of the ROI tool. The usability evaluation led to the development of a more userfriendly tool. A model-based economic evaluation was conducted, applying the tool to the Netherlands, which showed that adding investment in internet-based smoking cessation interventions dominated the current provision of interventions in tobacco control.

    Muñoz, Muñoz, C., Trapero-Bertran, M., Cheung, K. L., Evers, S., Hiligsmann, M., de Vries, H., & López-Nicolás, Á. (2015). Herramienta de retorno de la inversión en control del tabaquismo:¿ qué opinan aquellos que toman decisiones?. Gaceta Sanitaria.

    CheungCheung, K. L., Evers, S. M., Hiligsmann, M., Vokó, Z., Pokhrel, S., Jones, T., ... & de Vries, H. (2015). Understanding the stakeholders’ intention to use economic decision-support tools: A cross-sectional study with the Tobacco Return on Investment tool. Health Policy.

    Vokó, Z., Cheung, K. L., Józwiak-Hagymásy, J., Wolfenstetter, S., Jones, T., Muñoz, C., ... & Pokhrel, S. (2016). Similarities and differences between stakeholders’ opinions on using Health Technology Assessment (HTA) information across five European countries: results from the EQUIPT survey. Health Research Policy and Systems, 14(1), 1.

    Cheung, KL, Hiligsmann M, Präger M, Jones T, Józwiak-Hagymásy J, Muñoz C, Lester-George A, Pokhrel S, López-Nicolásc Á, Trapero-Bertrana M et al: Optimising usability of an economic    decision support tool: EQUIPT tool. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (under review).

    Cheung, K. L., Wijnen, B.F.M., & de Vries, H. (2017). Online smoking cessation interventions in the           Netherlands: effects, cost-effectiveness, and theoretical underpinnings. A mixed-method     approach to review. Journal of medical Internet research (accepted).

    Cheung, K. L, Wijnen B, Hiligsmann M, Coyle K, Coyle D, Pokhrel S, de Vries H, Präger M, Evers S: The        cost-effectiveness of internet-based interventions for smoking cessation in the Netherlands.          An analysis based on the EQUIPT ROI model. Addiction (under review).

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