Optimizing Patient Care for Complex Type 2 Diabetes Patients: The My Diabetes Profile eCoach

    Ph.D: researcher: Stan Vluggen

    Supervisor: Dr. Ciska Hoving; Prof. Nicolaas Schaper; Prof. Hein de Vries

    Co-researchers: /

    Funding: MUMC 2020

    Objective: Improve treatment adherence regarding healthy nutrition, physical activity and medication taking in complex type 2 diabetes patients, and to optimize counseling processes between type 2 diabetes patients and their healthcare provider.

    Method: Qualitative and quantitative inquiries as pre-studies, a multicenter randomized trial to test the effectiveness of the newly developed eCoach, and a process evaluation to qualitatively evaluate the eCoach.

    Results: We conducted a qualitative needs assessment study among Dutch type 2 diabetes patients and involved healthcare providers. The study aimed to identify salient personal beliefs surrounding treatment adherence (physical activity, healthy nutrition, and medication taking), and to identify the course and content of medical encounters between type 2 diabetes patients and their healthcare providers. Furthermore we conducted a cross-sectional study on determinants of snacking behaviour among type 2 diabetes patients, and a longitudinal survey study among type 2 diabetes patient to identify predictors of adherence to oral glucose lowering drugs and insulin therapy. Currently we are applying these ‘pre-studies’ to develop a web-based self-management support tool for type 2 diabetes patients and their healthcare providers, to increase treatment adherence, and to support diabetes self-management. The newly developed online tool will be tested on its effectiveness through a multicenter randomized  trial for 6 months from September 2017 onwards.

    Publications: Exploring Beliefs on Diabetes Treatment Adherence among Dutch Type 2 Diabetes Patients and Healthcare Providers (under review).

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